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The Widening Economic Divide Overlooked

Yet again ACOSS have delivered a worrying report quantifying the growing income disparity across Australia.  Although its warnings are dire, little media attention has been given to its release or to National Anti-Poverty Week (Oct 12 -18 2014).  I have to admit, I was all but oblivious.  Thank you New Matilda for keeping us all informed of the important issues.

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Close the Gap – Demand Indigenous Health Equality!

March 20 marks Tweed Shire’s annual Close the Gap event.  I will be attending.

Why the Close the Gap Campaign is important.

Close the Gap is a human rights movement, whereas Closing the Gap is a whole-of-government approach to addressing the discrepancies in health, education and employment status between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian citizens.

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A reproach to those who left lessons of the past unheeded

The slash and burn predictions, based on recent State experiences, for a National Coalition Government appear justified with the release of the First Phase of the Commission of Audit’s report: Towards Responsible Government.

It seems the most vulnerable are systematically being abandoned by a Government with a Darwinian, colonial ‘survival of the fittest’ ethos.  The economy, itself the product of colonial white supremacist thinking, is most certainly the prime target for governance, rather than the people of this country.

Who are you that have elected a democratic government to represent the interests of the nation’s financial institutions, it’s miners and it’s most wealthy?

Australia Day – What are we Celebrating?

Both of SBS’ fabulous series First Australians and  Immigration Nation take a look at how the White Australia Policy dictated the way this country dealt not only with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, but also other peoples from around the world.  It is a shameful history that is rarely appreciated, especially by those who seem to most enthusiastically embrace Australia Day on 26th January.  I’m all for moving Australia Day to another more inclusive date.  Ideally this would occur next year and be the date that a Treaty was finally enacted.  Well, I can dream can’t I?

Worth watching/listening to – even if it is a few years old now! – Karla Grant talks with Linda Burney, Kim Hill, Robbie Thorpe and Tania Major on some really big issues all Australians need to consider.