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Women – Not a High Priority, Despite the Rhetoric

The Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence in Australia released its interim report this week.  Many of the recommendations support the pleas of crisis accommodation services, women’s groups and welfare organisations for reinstatement of funding cut in last year’s budget. Although the final report is not due to be released until July, the current volatile political situation (with the possibility of a double dissolution looming) and the extreme severity of the situation, costing nearly $14 billion in 2008-9 (report p.2), was felt to justify the release of the interim report now.

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Caring matters!

There has been substantial research on the importance of caring in the nursing profession which has shone a light about the different perceptions of aspects of caring between nursing staff and their patients (see, for example, Essen & Sjoden 1995; Larsson et al. 1998).  The findings indicate that those receiving the care value clear information and explanations, anticipating needs as well as facilitation, monitoring and following through more highly than issues such as comfort and accessibility.  If we look at those findings and apply the same concept to parenting, partnering or friendships, I believe that we can make some serious adjustments in our everyday lives that will enhance our relationships.

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